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The Shahbaz will provide care to the Elders living in a Green House. Their primary role is to protect, sustain, and nurture the Elders by assisting with activities of daily living, and meeting other needs as required. The core goal of the work of the Shahbaz is to assist the Elders which promotes a high quality of life and a positive Elder lifestyle. The responsibilities of the Shahbaz include care of the Elder and the Elder’s environment, including cooking, laundry, house-keeping. The Shahbaz works cooperatively with other Shahbazim on the Green House Self-Managed Work Team. The team and individual Shahbaz work collaboratively with the Clinical Support Team (CST) or Nurses. The CST directs all matters related to skilled nursing services. The self-managed work team and individual Shahbaz report to the Green House Guide in all other matters.


• Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) unrestricted certification in the state of Wyoming.

• Able to successfully pass our on-site State approved food handling course.*

• CPR Certification.* * Attained after hire, during in-service training, we will provide.


• Recognize the autonomy and dignity of all Elders.

• Communicate a sense of caring, concern and dignity for Elders.

• Understand how to place decision making in the hands of the Elders whenever possible.

• Make prompt and accurate judgments regarding Elder care and emergencies.

• Work and communicate effectively as part of the self-managed work team.

• Must be able to stand, squat, kneel, push and pull.

• Must be able to lift 30 lbs.

• Must be able to interact with customers and co-workers in a friendly and professional manner.

• Good attendance, including arriving at work on-time is a must.

• May be required to perform other tasks as needed and requested by employer.


All employees are given initial training on the Green House Encore Team Education Program, preparing to work effectively in the homes, and to apply principles of the model in their work within the Green House philosophy.


• Recognize and respond to the needs of Elders and assure their safety at-all-times.

• Promote autonomy of Elder’s in decision-making.

• Report changes in the Elder’s condition to the RN’s per “change in condition” protocols.

• Promptly observe, report and provide skin care and alert the presence of pressure areas to prevent decubitus as according to policy.

• Maintain occupied and unoccupied beds, to include changing bed linens, when necessary.

• Assist moving, positioning and transporting Elders into/from beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, lifts, etc.

• Assist Elders with personal care functions, including:

• Bathing, dressing, and grooming

• Dental and mouth care

• Hair and nail care

• Bowel and/or bladder care

• As-needed personal hygiene care

• Assure that call notifications by the Elders are answered promptly and professionally.

• Communicate with co-workers at all levels to adequately meet the needs of Elders.

• Meet with all clinical support team members as scheduled or needed to discuss Elders’ needs and progress in identifying and correcting problems.

• Learn and utilize our lift systems to maintain as “lift-free” of an environment, as possible.

• Assist in performing restorative and rehabilitative procedures as outlined by care plans.

• Obtain and record vital signs, such as temperature, pulse, respirations, weight, height, anatomical dimension and circumference, etc.

• Report any abuse or suspected abuse to the Social Services Coordinator immediately.

• Assist with the application of slings, elastic bandages, binders, etc., as directed.

• Facilitate and/or assist Elder daily range-of-motion exercises, as needed.

• Actively participate in orientation programs, on-going training and educational classes.

• Follow safety precautions to observe, monitor, intervene or report any unsafe conditions.

• Maintain assurances that our Elder’s lives remain dignified, confidential and private.

• Prepare and serve meals; kitchen and dining room clean-up after meals; provide snacks as requested consistent with the posted menu and stated preferences of the Elder.

• Launder Elder’s clothing, linen and other articles, as needed.

• Perform routine housekeeping duties including cleaning Elder living areas and environment.

• Document observed requirements in electronic charting system, per organization policy.

• Perform other clinical support related duties, as requested.

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