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In 2005, the vision to build Green House cottages in Sheridan grew out of the wish of Sheridan caregivers who wanted something better for their loved ones. It progressed through a community needs assessment, partnership with the City of Sheridan, and the creation of a nonprofit legal entity called Alternative Elder Living, Inc. (AEL). Sheridan is the first community in the nation to create Green House homes through the will of committed and passionate citizens that believed in the mission:

Our mission is to provide long term care in loving homes where every person lives a dignified, fulfilling life!

Through the generosity of the Sheridan community with donations of over $3,000,000 and a USDA loan of $5.2 million, the four cottages have been built and are a home to many elders.

About Greenhouse

Alternative Elder Living, Inc. a 501(c )(3) organization DBA Green House Living for Sheridan is a part of the national Green House Project. The national movement envisions homes in every community where:

  • Elders and others enjoy excellent quality of life and quality of care.
  • They, their families, and the staff engage in meaningful relationships built on equality, empowerment, and mutual respect.
  • People want to live and work.

There are currently Green House homes in 33 states.

OUR 501(C)3

AEL, Inc. was formed as an umbrella name that could encompass a number of alternative living situations for elders, mainly skilled nursing but in smaller homes where life could be lived meaningfully.

Typically, Green House Project homes have a “mother institution” to provide support and resources. AEL, Inc. provides an avenue for fundraising that provides tax deductions for donations, and income and property tax exemptions. This nonprofit status allows us to focus on investing in quality care in our facility instead of making profits for shareholders.


  • Alternative Elder Living, Inc. is also known as AEL, Inc.
  • Green House Living for Sheridan is also known as GHLS.
  • AEL, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization d/b/a Green House Living for Sheridan.

Our Advantage

Our Advantage Is Green House Living’s Philosophy


Our vision is to ensure that every aging person in our community receives dignified care that provides for their individual needs.


Our mission is to provide long-term care in loving homes where every person lives a dignified, fulfilling life.


We Provide:

  • Meals and snacks
  • Basic cable
  • Laundry service
  • Medical supplies
  • Van transportation for medical appointments scheduled by
    Green House Living only.

Services Not Covered:

  • Telephone
  • Beauty and Barber Shop Services (available in each home)
  • Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment*
  • Pharmacy*
  • Physical Therapy* (available in-house)
  • Occupational Therapy* (available in-house)

*These services are covered under Medicaid

Cottage Floor Plan

Green House Living Amenities:

  • Private room with private bathroom and shower
  • Whirlpool tub in spa room
  • On-site activities
  • Refrigerator access in the main refrigerator and freezer item. (Sorry, no personal refrigerators)
  • Cable in private rooms
  • Beauty and barber shop facilities and hairdressers in each house

Community Life

An integral part of the Green House model is creating community within each home and the surrounding neighborhood. Through the creation of community living for the elders living in the homes, interdependence and collaboration of generations will occur, allowing elders to continue to live meaningful lives. Visitors of any age will help alleviate the loneliness and boredom for elders residing in the homes.

At the heart of this philosophy is a partnership with Sheridan College and Green House Living for Sheridan that was created as the doors opened to bring students into the home. These students will become natural members of the community through direct on-hands experiences in working with elders in this new environment where the focus is on the person rather than on a diagnosis or aging. These experiences will range from skills and culture change training for those who will work in a Green House, to practical experience for nursing students working with elders, to involvement of the massage therapy students providing massages for elders, to dental hygiene students providing dental cleanings for elders.

The four Green House homes are in an ideal setting to allow visitors of all generations into the homes. There are congregate areas for gardening, entertainment, playing games and gardening as well as areas where one-on-one conversations can take place to share life histories and stories.

The legacy of Green House Living for Sheridan is one of community support. It began with a group of passionate citizens who wanted a better life for elders in Sheridan. Many of these leaders continue to be involved and are committed to creating a community life where elders will continue to live a life that matters.